Book chapter / 12th-Century Northern Malabar through Geniza Documents

Lambourn, Elizabeth. ‘India in the “India Book”: 12th Century Northern Malabar through Geniza Documents’. In Sur les chemins d’Onagre: Histoire et archéologie orientales; Hommage à Monik Kervran. Edited by Claire Hardy‑Guilbert, Hélène Renel, Axelle Rougeulle, and Eric Vallet. Oxford, UK: Archaeopress, 2018.

About the chapter: The publication in 2008 of S. D. Goitein and Mordechai Akiva Friedman’s ‘India Book’ (India Traders of the Middle Ages: Documents from the Cairo Geniza; (‘India Book’). Leiden: Brill) is revolutionising the history of the medieval Indian Ocean, or at least the possibilities for that history.

This chapter represents a first attempt to integrate the new data from the Geniza documents into the history of the Malabar ports where these Jewish merchants—now referred to as ‘India traders’—operated.

The early 12th century was a period of huge political and economic change, and the data from these documents allows us to shed light on a little-known period, and one badly represented in indigenous sources.

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