Journal article / Missionary Activity and Mappila Muslim Women in Colonial Malabar

Aslam E. S., Muhammed. ‘From Needle to Letters: Zenana Mission’s Encounters with Mappila Muslims of Malabar’. Review of Development and Change 13, no. 2 (July 2018): 39–62.

Abstract: This article examines the activities of women missionaries of the Basel German Evangelical Mission through literacy and needlework and the response of native women, with special reference to Mappila Muslim women in colonial Malabar (present-day north Kerala).

The article covers the question of literacy, craft, gender and religion by looking at historical and ethnographic accounts. It traces the role of the Mission in gendering skill and labour through missionary pedagogy.

Critically analysing the missionary image of ‘Zenana’ that makes the binary of liberated western women and imprisoned native women, the article addresses the negotiations of native women with missionary modernity.

Full text: Those who wish for a copy of the article may contact the author at aslames.jnu[at]gmail[dot]com

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