Call for applications / International workshop on Education and Liberalization

The School of Arts and Sciences of Ahmedabad University invites applications for ‘Educational Transformations and Societal Change in Liberalizing India‘, a three-day workshop (9-11 January 2020).

The workshop invites scholars to assemble robust frameworks that can attend to the ways in which educational actors negotiate the contradictory conditions of post-market reform society. We conceive of ‘education’ broadly and as not limited to teaching and learning in schools, higher education or teacher education institutions. The workshop is organised around two broad themes:

I. Devolution of Governance and Proliferation of (Infra)structures

II. Democratization of Aspiration

We invite applications from scholars who study education from a range of disciplinary perspectives including sociology, anthropology, history, development studies, education studies, economics, political science, and cultural studies.

Prospective applicants could be:

1. Early career scholars who defended their dissertation on or after 1 January 2014.

2. PhD students who are in advanced stages of data analysis and dissertation writing or have completed their synopsis submission.

In addition to sharing their research at the workshop, junior scholars will also be mentored by invited senior scholars, both from India and abroad. Two of the mentoring scholars, Ritty Lukose and David Sancho, work on Kerala, and we encourage young scholars doing Kerala-related work to apply.

We also strongly encourage applications from scholars from regional universities, as well as scholars from Dalit, Adivasi and under-represented backgrounds.

Applications and queries may be sent to

Deadline for applying: 1 July 2019

More info:

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