Journal article (OA) / Kerala Floods, Crowdsourced Responses and the Role of Technology

Ajay, Anamika. ‘Role of Technology in Responding to Disasters: Insights from the Great Deluge in Kerala’. Current Science 116, no. 6 (25 March 2019): 913–18.

Abstract (edited): Community action and voluntary initiatives have always played an important role in responding to disasters. However, the sheer scale and pace at which affected communities are now able to mobilize resources and social support reveal the role of communication technology in crisis management.

Using the case study of the great deluge in Kerala, this article describes the stages of crowdsourcing that unfolded during the rescue and relief phases, and analyses how technology facilitated this process. The article also demonstrates how simple technologies that are aligned with the local specificities of the context are often more effective in disaster management than technologically advanced equipment.

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