Book / Emigration from Kerala: Recent Trends

K.C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan. 2018. Emigration from Kerala: End of an Era. Kochi: RedInk.

ISBN: 9788193439012 / Hardback / 274 pages / Rs. 795

About the book: Kerala Migration Survey (KMS) 2014 was conducted covering 15,000 households across the state of Kerala. The results of this round of KMS were largely on expected lines as the state was preparing itself to deal with the prolonged aftershocks of the 2008 global financial crisis on migration.

Surprisingly, variables by which migration is measured, such as the number of emigrants and remittances, shot up when compared with the values observed in the past. This survey gave a clear picture of the migration in Kerala, putting all speculations and doubts to rest.

The results of KMS 2011 revealed several signs of impending decline in emigration from the state. Why did the prediction of a decline not happen? The 2011 analysis would have missed out some factors that determine emigration trend. What are those missing factors?

Moreover, remittances in 2014 were about 40 percent higher than that of 2011. The increase in emigration during the same period was only 5 percent. There should be factors other than emigration that determine the trend in remittances. What are those factors?

This book tries to find out those factors and examines the related trends of emigration from Kerala.

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