Book chapters / Essays on Kerala History

Multiple chapters in Manu V. Devadevan (ed.). 2018. Clio and Her Descendants: Essays in Honour of Kesavan Veluthat. New Delhi: Primus Books.

Letters from Kannur, 1500-1550: A Little Explored Aspect of Kerala History
Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Dynamics of Trade, Faith, and the Politics of Cultural Enterprise in Early Modern Kerala
Pius Malekandathil

Countryside Transit: Money, Market, and the Eighteenth Century in Malabar
Abhilash Malayil

Kerala and Sri Lanka: History, Mythology, Folklore, Rituals, and Law
K. Indrapala

A Note on the Parnasalankam
David Shulman

On Chattan: Conflicting Statements about a South Indian Deity
Gilles Tarabout

Emerging Livelihood Patterns and Power Relations in Tamil Western Lands : A Study of the Patirrupattu
K.N. Ganesh

About the book:¬†Clio and Her Descendants is a collection of essays dedicated to honour Kesavan Veluthat’s scholarship, and brings together the work of thirty historians who look to expand the horizons of South Asia’s diverse and polyphonic past. The variety of themes, concerns, and methodologies that these essays explore not only capture the vibrancy of the historiography of the present, but also offer invaluable signposts for future research.

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