Book / Kerala in Transition: Essays on Economy, Polity and Society

K.P. Kannan (ed.). 2018. Kerala in Transition: Essays on Economy, Polity and Society. Thiruvananthapuram: Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies and Thrissur: Centre of Science and Technology for Rural Development.

Hardback / 296 pages / Rs 500

About the Book: The book contains a set of essays written by a group of eminent academicians, public intellectuals, administrators, and media personalities on contemporary Kerala society. It seeks to understand the on-going transition from a deeply entrenched feudal set up to a modern debating society characterised by democratic rights, citizenship, and assertive public demand for participatory development.

Chapters 3, 4, 7, 8, 14, 18, and 20 are new. Other chapters are minor revisions of articles published in Seminar (September 2012).

Table of Contents

1. Kerala in Transition: An Introductory Essay
K.P. Kannan

2. Kerala and Cuba: Daring to Compare
Joseph Tharamangalam

3. Politics, Civil Society and Development in Kerala
G. Gopakumar

4. Institutionalising Panchayat Raj: Some Reflections
K.P. Kannan

5. Quest for Quality in Higher Education
K.N. Panikkar

6. Rethinking the Kerala ‘Model’ in Health
V. Ramankutty

7. Cost Effective and Environmentally Sustainable: A Bakerian Alternative
Shailaja Nair and P.B. Sajan

8. Musings of an Ongoing Journey on Kudumbasree
Sarada Muraleedharan

9. The Beauty of Unintended Consequences: Kerala’s Own Kudumbashree
J. Devika

10. Men, Women and the Fidgety Cat in the Kerala Cupboard
M. Sarita Varma

11. Industrial Investments in Kerala
Sunil Mani

12. Growing Up Together: Society and Literature
K. Satchidanandan

13. Malayalam Cinema: Local Narratives, National and Global Contexts
C.S. Venkiteswaran

14. Media and Kerala Society
M.K. Das

15. Cartooning Chartbusters
E.P. Unny

16. Environmental Politics
K. Ravi Raman

17. Fifty Years of a People’s Science Movement
R.V.G. Menon

18. Palliative Care Movement in Kerala
Suresh Kumar and Amarnath Karuppalil

19. Daring to Dream: Musings of a People’s Science Activist
M.P. Parameswaran

20. What Should Drive Kerala Remake?
K.P. Kannan

About the Editor: K.P. Kannan is former Director, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram.

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