Book chapter / Laurie Baker

One chapter in Adam Hochschild. 2018. Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays. Oakland, CA: University of California Press.

The Brick Master,” pp 145-154.

Excerpt: The first thing that interested me in the bold and unconventional architect Laurie Baker was my roof. During the five months my wife and I spent living in Trivandrum, the sweltering, leafy capital of the south Indian state of Kerala, the house we rented, like thousands of others in the city, was built largely of concrete. It would have looked at home as a row house in California. A flat roof lay directly above our kitchen, bedroom, and living room, and it was rain-proofed with tar.

About the book (edited): In this rich collection, bestselling author Adam Hochschild has selected and updated over two dozen essays and pieces of reporting from his long career. Threaded through them all is his concern for social justice and the people who have fought for it.

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