Journal article / Evaluating Colleges in Kerala by Geographic Potential

Manulal P. Ram. 2019. “Dissemination Strategies for Higher Educational Institutions for Geo-Social Necessities: A Synergic Model,” Higher Education for the Future, 6 (1): 22-51.

Abstract (edited): This article analyses (a) whether higher education institutions in Kerala are established by satisfying the needs of their geographical areas, and (b) whether the programmes offered by them have any mutual benefits to the regional populace and academic community.

To find the institutional synergies with their surrounding resources, 54 arts and science colleges (in the government sector) of the state were geocoded and tagged with 10 broad synergic bands, each incorporating resource potentials available with every geographical niche.

The study proposes a synergic model to facilitate the allocation of academic programmes and dissemination of institutions. The model put forward here is a measuring instrument for every institution to self-evaluate its performance with available resourcefulness.

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