Book / Identity and Conflict between Marakkayar Muslims and Mukkuvar Christians

Salah Punathil. 2019. Interrogating Communalism: Violence, Citizenship and Minorities in South India. Abingdon (UK): Routledge.

Hardback / ISBN 9781138505681 / 168 pages / GBP 92

About the book (edited): This book examines conflict and violence among religious minorities and the implication on the idea of citizenship in contemporary India. Going beyond the usual Hindu-Muslim question, it situates communalism in the context of conflicts between Muslims and Christians.

By tracing the long history of conflict between the Marakkayar Muslims and Mukkuvar Christians in South India, it explores the notion of ‘mobilization of religious identity’ within the discourse on communal violence in South Asia and discusses the spatial dynamics in violent conflicts.

Including rich empirical evidence from historical and ethnographic material, the author shows how the contours of violence among minorities position Muslims as more vulnerable subjects of violent conflicts.

The book will be useful to scholars and researchers of politics, political sociology, sociology and social anthropology, minority studies, and South Asian studies. It will also interest those working on peace and conflict, violence, ethnicity, and identity as also activists and policymakers concerned with the problems of fishing communities.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Conflict without Mobilization?
2. State Reportage, Riot Discourse and Violence among Minorities
3. Contested Space, Reified Identities and Formation of Ethnic Enclaves
4. Structural and Spectacle Violence: The Decline of Muslims as a Fishing Community
5. From Enclave to Ghetto: Violence and Identity Predicaments of Marakkayar Muslims in Beemapalli, South Kerala
6. Beyond the Frame of Communal: Spatiality, Violence and Muslim Marginality

About the author (edited): Salah Punathil is a Sociologist and Assistant Professor at the Centre for Regional Studies, University of Hyderabad, India. His research interests include ethnic violence in India, migration, citizenship, Muslims in South Asia, and the intersection of archives and ethnography. Punathil is the recipient of the M.N Srinivas Award for Young Indian Sociologist, 2015.

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