Journal article / Participation of Rubber- and Pepper-Traders in Futures Markets in Kerala

Sumalatha B. S. “Traders’ Participation in Commodity Futures Markets in Kerala: A Case Study of Rubber and Pepper Trade.” Economic and Political Weekly 54, no. 1 (5 January 2019): 44-52.

Abstract: Traders’ participation and barriers to participation in the commodity futures markets of rubber and pepper in Kerala are explored in the context of increasing debate over the use and benefits of commodity futures markets in India.

Rubber and pepper traders depend highly on the futures markets price signals to trade in the spot markets and relate it to spot market prices. Factors like education, income, and trading experiences in futures markets and in other financial markets influence traders’ participation in futures market.

Lack of networking, risks, difficulty in managing spot and futures markets, and lack of adequate technological knowledge and skills are the major constraints faced by the traders in futures markets participation.

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