Journal article / Cultural Experiences of Subaltern Migrants from Kerala to the Middle East

Sreekumar, Hari, and Rohit Varman. “Vagabonds at the Margins: Acculturation, Subalterns, and Competing Worth.” Journal of Macromarketing. Published ahead of print, November 29, 2018.

Abstract (edited): This study examines the cultural experiences of subaltern migrants from Kerala to the Middle East. It draws upon French pragmatic sociology, with attention to convention theory, to cast in sharp relief, different interpretations of worth that influence the consumption patterns of subaltern migrants, or ‘vagabonds’ as Zygmunt Bauman has labelled them.

It shows that vagabonds use different regimes of worth and justification, to resist domination and to shape their cultural encounters with host and home cultures. The study explains how the lack of analysis in this regard in existing consumer acculturation research, hinders it from fully understanding the role of cultural experiences and relations of domination in shaping subaltern migrants’ market consumption.

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